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Mississippi Resources, LLC is an independent exploration and production company established in November 2009.  Mississippi Resources, through funding from Lucas Energy Ventures III, LP, originally acquired all of the oil & gas assets of Cimarex Energy Co. within the  State of Mississippi.  Mississippi Resources completed its second major acquisition from Quantum Resource Management in August 2012.  This $23.5MM acquisition added another twelve operated wells in four fields within Mississippi and Alabama, and has doubled the company's daily production output.  Mississippi Resources now operates 32 wells, with an interest in 63 wells, and over 25,000 net acres of mineral leasehold in the states of Mississippi and Alabama.  In June 2014, Mississippi Resources, LLC closed a senior debt and preferred equity investment with TPG Specialty Lending, Inc. for a maximum amount of $55.5 million.  The funds will be used to retire debt, buy out the preferred equity outstanding, provide additional capital to fund the company's development drilling plans, and to acquire additional acreage adjacent to the existing lease holdings.

Mississippi Energy Partners, LLC is the managing partner of Mississippi Resources.  Three men of the four man management team of Mississippi Energy Partners are ex-Cimarex employees with extensive oil and gas exploration and production experience within the Mississippi and Gulf South Regions.
Mississippi Resources intends to grow production through strategic acquisitions within its core areas, and the implementation of low risked drilling opportunities.  The exploitation drilling  will consist of both salt dome and inter-domal wells near existing fields and infrastructure.  Management prefers to operate its assets in order to control completion techniques, operational efficiencies and expenditures.


Mississippi Resources, LLC Announces Investment from TPG Specialty Lending, Inc.

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Mississippi Resources, LLC was formed to capitalize on the extensive experience of our management team in order to grow assets of Mississippi Resources through strategic acquisitions and low-risk drilling opportunities within the Interior Salt Basin of Mississippi and Gulf South Region with the goal of maximizing asset market value through a strategically timed liquidation event.

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